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The YazamTech Approach

We specialize in developing and marketing state of the art cyber security systems to address a wide range of threats, by combining unique software and dedicated hardware.

Our self-developed products facilitate reliable, cost effective file filtering, as well as secure transfer of authorized data between separated networks.

The intuitive, self-provisioned software resides on the boundary separating sensitive from external networks and addresses every form of file (ex. image, Office products, Adobe products, archives, email messages, etc.), scanning it on multiple levels and using several methods to identify the presence of potentially harmful code. By breaking down each file to its most basic components, the solution is able to block or delete files or file components on the basis of pre-defined organizational criteria, or as a result of identifying malicious code such as a virus or harmful script.

YazamTech goes even further to ensure that the user will receive a filtered file of the same quality and format as the original one, even in case of complex files, and will be able to use it as if it were un-touched.

In addition, Yazamtech developed a one-of-a-kind hardware solution that resides on the boundary between sensitive and external networks, controlling file transfer between both sides automatically, and without opening a direct line of communication. Data is simultaneously laundered and sanitized with no human involvement.

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