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Uni-directional Optic Data Transfer. Impossibility of transfer in the other direction

YazamTech's VectorIT is based on a dedicated hardware unit that is connected between two isolated networks, and allows for automatic uni-directional communication protocols as well as file transfer between isolated networks. It is absolutely impossible for any transfer to function in the opposite direction.

VectorIT includes 2 optical modems with programmed controllers that manage it’s operation. VectorIT has no operating system, so it cannot be attacked.

VectorIT main components include:

Specially Designed Hardware

This provides a significantly higher level of security than the mere act of neutralizing a communication protocol (software) in order to make it uni-directional.

System Services

Both users and applications can use the system’s services, but they cannot affect its strength.

Optic Transmitter

Uni-directional transfer is physical. The optic transmitter cannot receive, and the optic receiver cannot transmit. Not even a sophisticated attacker can change that.

User Interface

User Interface is for display purposes, and cannot affect the system’s strength.

A Single Optic Fiber

With a single wave length signal, that connects the transmitter and the receiver.

The seamless integration of VectorIT with SelectorIT – the professional file content filter, both from YazamTech, allow automatically uni-directional transfer of filtered files between 2 isolated networks.

VectorIT along with SelectorIT, complementary solutions from YazamTech, seamless installation:

VectorIT has 2 kinds of packages:

1. Two optic modems, one is used as transmitter and the other as a receiver, and an optic fiber connects between the modems.

2. A single 19’’ package with two optics modems for transmission and reception and a fiber optic to connect them.

VectorIT supports 2 kinds of speeds: 100M and 1G bps.

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