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Success Story: Hi-Tech Company

Automatic File Filtering & Uni-directional Transference between Isolated Networks

A Hi-Tech company requested a uni-directional path to insert updates to an internal sensitive network, once the files had been filtered . While the source of the incoming files are both from the internet and from removable media (USB flash, CD, DVD), the filtering systems needed to support both automatic and interactive filtering.

Application of the YazamTech solutions in this case is based on:

File filtering (automatically and interactively) and transference, uni-directionally and automatically, between the external network connected to the internet and the internal sensitive network.


2 units providing advanced files filtering for 2 separate channels:

  • The first is used for automatically filtering the incoming files from the internet.
  • The second is used for interactively filtering the incoming files from all types of removable media.


Transferring the filtered files, uni-directionally and  automatically.


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