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The Need

The challenge is that any files that enter the internal sensitive network, via any medium, including via E-mails and especially via E-mails with attachments, can be infected with a wide range of threats. Examples of these threats include APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), Trojans and Ransomware. These attacks, which are constantly updated, will easily bypass the systems in use within the organization like Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters, Mail Relays, Firewalls, Sandboxes and more.

YazamTech was founded in 2008 by an ex- intelligence officer working in government who recognized the threats and saw the opportunity to address them. During years of activity YazamTech has scanned and synthesized tens of thousands of files in dozens of companies and have never come across a company without security flaws. There are always  gaps to be found even in the most “secure” organizations including casinos, government institutions, security/homeland security industrials and healthcare organizations. The pattern that is consistent is   that although enterprises spend millions of dollars on security, they are still not applying security measures against infected files they are receiving and don’t protect their clients and partners from infected files they are, un-intentionally sending out.

Each popular file in use is never based on a simple structure as it may seem, but on very complex content and therefore must be filtered professionally. In this way threats within complex files, that are being detected within the organization can be stopped or removed at the gateway level before the attack-vectors can enter the inside of the organization, where it can pose significant risk.

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