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Secure, Automatic, Hardware-based File Transfer System

shuttleit-packagesShuttleIT is based on a dedicated single hardware unit that is connected between two isolated networks, and enables an automatic transfer of files between those two networks, bi-directionally or uni-directionally, while maintaining a complete disconnection between them.

ShuttleIT includes a programmed controller that manages its operation, yet has no operating system, so it cannot be attacked. Using highly reliable electro-mechanical relays, ShuttleIT ensures complete disconnection between the two isolated networks. ShuttleIT, is hardware based and cannot be modified by an external attacker. It is therefore protected from human errors, and constantly controlled to prevent irregularities.

The ShuttleIT hardware is connected to both networks via a USB interface, and has neither a protocol driven communication interface like TCP, nor an IP address. Using ShuttleIT there is no need for any user involvement or API (Application Program Interface).

Seamless integration of ShuttleIT with the SelectorIT - professional file content filter, both from YazamTech, allows for automatic transfer of filtered files between the two isolated networks.

ShuttleIT Main Features Include:

Sets Direction

  • Sets direction securely: determined by the hardware, in a reliable way
  • Cannot be modified by an external attacker
  • Protected from human error
  • Constantly controlled to prevent irregularities

Uni-directional / Bi-directional

Uni-directional is used for:

  • One-way extraction of files from a sensitive network to a less sensitive network.
  • One-way insertion of files from a less sensitive network to a more sensitive network.

Bi-directional is used for:

  • Two-way transfer that is actually a combination of two uni-directional transfers, ensuring that there is never direct communication between the two separate networks.

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