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Secure CDR Filtering

SelectorIT, is the pioneer among CDR systems available today, a state-of-the-art protection of Advanced Threats within files. SelectorIT provides Data Sanitization and Laundering, using YazamTech’s unique technology for Deep Content Filtering. SelectorIT has been designed to provide automatic Advanced Filtering, both Blocking Threats within incoming files to the secured network, and Preventing Leakage within outgoing files from the secured network.

SelectorIT provides protection against various modern threats: APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Zero Day Attacks, Ransomware and Data Leakage (visible and hidden).

The YazamTech solution SelectorIT is based on 3 steps:


Screen files as a complex container


Blocks / removes / resets unwanted embedded files and objects


Rebuilds / renews / reassembles new filtered files

SelectorIT Main Features Include:

Data Synthesis

  • Above and beyond Anti-virus
  • Response for Zero Day Attacks
  • Protection against APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)

Data Laundering

  • Above and beyond human eye searching
  • Deep content (structure and characters) inspection
  • Data leakage prevention

Deep Filtering

Every file considered to be a “container” of embedded files and objects:

  • Disassembling of container files
  • Multi-layer filtering, every file and object in any layer

Filtered file is reassembled only from allowed embedded files and objects:

  • Forbidden embedded files and objects are blocked/removed
  • Unwanted files and objects are removed
  • Modified files are replaced

Specific Advanced Filtering

  • Dedicated filters for a wide range of popular file types
  • Fake files extension detection by many methods
  • Implementations include: Interactive filtering of files transferred, as well as automatic filtering for files transferred by popular applications: E-mail, WEB, FTP, MFT, Secure Browsing and Digital Vault

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