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Next Layer Protection Against Known and Unknown Cyber Threats

THE CHALLENGE: Although enterprises spend millions of dollars on cyber security, the attacks, which are constantly updated, will easily bypass firewall, Sandbox, Mail Relay / Mail Gateway and Anti-Virus systems in use within organizations.
How is protection against unknown cyber threats assured?
How is the safety of files exchanged on the LAN-WAN assured?
Is the incoming and outgoing email safe enough?
How certain should I be that my digital ecosystem is protected against any cyber-attack?
These and many more questions bring us to the realization that a more robust and comprehensive approach in combating cyber-attacks is eminent
Hackers are sophisticated and constantly improving, to be sure they are always a few steps ahead. Firewall and Anti-Virus solutions are reactive, leaving room for malware attacks until updates and patches are prepared, distributed and implemented. This leaves companies in reactive mode. The Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology which treats all active content as suspect and strips all active content from files in real-time, creating a flat sanitized file, safe to receive and to send
THE SOLUTION – CDR YazamTech’s innovation of a comprehensive cyber security range of File Stream Filtering Solutions, Manage & Control the risks of Advanced Threats, both known and unknown, with minimal effect on the File Stream Activity, Ensuring Business Continuity and Optimal User Experience. The YazamTech CDR is the most mature and comprehensive collection of CDR Algorithms using IETF RFCs.
YazamTech provides response to many types of files entering and leaving the network, such as: Attachments from E mails, Downloads from browsing, Shared files and Files from removable media. All incoming and outgoing files are processed, deconstructed and examined against standard structures, removing rogue codes, reconstructing the file and sending it back to its original target/destination such as mailbox or filesystem. This eliminates malicious content proactively and keeps systems safe. YazamTech’s CDR is an industry unique and complimentary solution with the following capabilities: Deep scan with the most mature and comprehensive collection of CDR algorithms available today, Threats neutralization and Leakage prevention, Prevention of APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Zero Day Attacks, Ransomware and Data Leakage (visible and hidden) Extremely fast performance and maintains smaller file sizes after the file reconstruction.

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