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Is Phishing getting better of worse?

Phishing as an E mail attack is not new. Attackers are well aware that humans are typically the weakest link in any organization and the constant rise of phishing attacks confirms it to be true. The more success phishing attacks have, the more they are perpetrated. There are a constant array of new tools to prevent phishing, some will even limit your online access depending on whether your device has a clean bill of health.
Some large companies conduct regular simulated phishing exercises to test their employee’s responses. Gaging employee resilience is key to this issue, and is also a good way to educate those employees about the security risks in E mails. There are many accounts of very high levels of phishing e mails, as much as 80-90% of data breaches that come into the network via Phishing according to Microsoft. Some can be stopped, but the rest are determined by how the employees react, and training is a key component of educating them.
Proofpoint’s The Human Factor 2018 Report has found that 52% of all successful phishing emails are clicked on within one hour of being sent. Almost a quarter of clicks occur within five minutes, and 11% within one minute.
YazamTech’s CDR solution looks at files that come into the network via email, downloads, network-to-network and other frequently used mechanisms and strips out any elements that do not match the file type standards or policies and could possibly be masking rogue code or malware. The files are then reconstructed and can then enter the network. Every single container of embedded data is verified before it enters the network. Read more at

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