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About YazamTech

YazamTech is an innovator of a comprehensive cyber security range of next-generation Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) Solutions to prevent infected file streams from entering the network, either by blocking the infected file streams, or by actively disarming their content and reconstructing them securely prior to entering the network. YazamTech’s proprietary products Manage & Control the risks of Advanced Threats, both known and unknown, from entering the network with minimal effect on the File Stream Activity. Rapid CDR processing and scalability ensures Business Continuity and an Optimal User Experience.

YazamTech as the next generation CDR vendor specializes in developing and manufacturing unique data security systems, providing reliable response to a wide range of security threats. YazamTech develops complementary systems that provide a solution to data related attacks as well as to sensitive information leak threats, offering security systems that minimize the risks in necessary data transferring to and from secured environments. YazamTech dynamically expands its spectrum of technological cyber security solutions as the number and variety of threats evolve. YazamTech’s solutions are fully flexible, and can be customized, taking into consideration the organization’s needs.

YazamTech products are targeted to the Medium and Large Enterprises and to organizations that have to protect their networks and assets against malicious incoming files that penetrate the network and the leakage of outgoing files which flow out via a variety of mediums, including: E-mail, browsing, file transfer, file system, removable media, and more.

YazamTech’s solutions provide the security administrator with the autonomy to determine a recursive process to reconstruct files perfectly without any negative effect on the user experience. YazamTech provides the ability to: Analyze the original data files, Disarm their content and Reconstruct clean new files. Maintaining a secure network and effective operations, as well as minimizing the detrimental effects of downtime for any organization, can be achieved by implementing YazamTech solutions, with full scalability for the IT administrator while ensuring significant threat reduction.

YazamTech dynamically expands its spectrum of technological cyber security solutions as the number and variety of threats evolve. YazamTech’s solutions are fully flexible, and can be customized, taking into consideration the organization’s needs.

YazamTech has earned recognition for its experience and its installed base of superior solutions at leading organizations worldwide, such as: Banks and Financial Institutions, Government Ministries, Industrials Law Enforcement, Defense and Legal Agencies, Hi-Tech Companies and Healthcare Institutions.

The Need

The challenge is that any files that enter the internal sensitive network, via any medium, including via E-mails and especially via E-mails with attachments, can be infected with a wide range of threats. Examples of these threats include APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), Trojans and Ransomware. These attacks, which are constantly updated, will easily bypass the systems in use within the organization like Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam filters, Mail Relays, Firewalls, Sandboxes and more.

YazamTech, the most mature CDR Company in the Secure Email Gateway industry, was founded in 2008 by an ex-intelligence officer working in government who recognized the threats and saw the opportunity to address them. During years of activity YazamTech has scanned and synthesized many millions of files in hundreds of installations and have never yet discover a company without security flaws. There are always cybersecurity gaps to be found even in the most “secure” organizations including finance companies, government institutions, homeland  security, security industrials and healthcare organizations. The consistent pattern is that although enterprises spend millions of dollars on data security, they are still not fully applying the critical security measures at their disposal, both against infected files they are receiving and with regards not protecting their clients and partners from infected stream files they are un-intentionally sending out.

Each popular file in use is never based on a simple structure as it may seem, but on very complex content and therefore must be filtered professionally. In this way threats within complex files, that are being detected within the organization can be stopped or removed at the gateway level before the attack-vectors can enter the inside of the organization, where it can pose significant risk.

The YazamTech Approach

We specialize in developing and marketing state of the art cyber security systems to address a wide range of threats, by combining unique software and dedicated hardware.

Our self-developed products facilitate reliable, cost effective file filtering, as well as secure transfer of authorized data between separated networks.

The intuitive, self-provisioned software resides on the boundary separating sensitive from external networks and addresses every form of file (ex. image, Office products, Adobe products, archives, email messages, etc.), scanning it on multiple levels and using several methods to identify the presence of potentially harmful code. By breaking down each file to its most basic components, the solution is able to block or delete files or file components on the basis of pre-defined organizational criteria, or as a result of identifying malicious code such as a virus or harmful script.

YazamTech goes even further to ensure that the user will receive a filtered file of the same quality and format as the original one, even in case of complex files, and will be able to use it as if it were un-touched.

In addition, Yazamtech developed a one-of-a-kind hardware solution that resides on the boundary between sensitive and external networks, controlling file transfer between both sides automatically, and without opening a direct line of communication. Data is simultaneously laundered and sanitized with no human involvement.

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